2014, Oct. 23-26

Spaceworks Tacoma & Generis 01b: COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION

The Vazquez Building, Central Avenue @ Forrest Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206
OPENING RECEPTION Friday, October 24, 6-10 PM
Open 1-6pm, October 23-26

Spaceworks Tacoma selected by Katy Evans
Sean Alexander, Sarah Gilbert, Sarah E. Gilbert, Nicholas Nyland

Generis selected by Susan Surface
Dexter Ciprian, Nontsikelelo Mutiti, Megan Stockton

COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION Community Association positions Tacoma, Washington and Brooklyn, New York as case studies for each other. In Tacoma, artists and art spaces have a long civic tradition of integration into all walks of life as neighbors, educators, and exhibitors. But in cities like New York, which foster both art-world competition and developer-led real estate squeeze, artists have gained a reputation as outsider-gentrifiers of naturally occurring cultural districts. Despite their geographic and circumstantial differences, the exhibition positions Tacoma as a model, at least in attitude and approach, of an artistic infrastructure for all.

Sean Alexander places a laser-eyed being before step-and-repeat work of canonical Modernist abstraction, while Nontsikelelo Mutiti foregrounds the formal qualities of repetition and diagramming in African hair braiding. Sarah E. Gilbert's blown glass work recalls city blocks protecting the energetic activity of the street corner, complimenting Dexter Ciprian's sculptural misreading of architectural materials and Sarah Gilbert's fusions of construction tools with the body parts that handle them. Nicholas Nyland's ceramics reference craft sources that conflate painting and sculpture, offsetting Megan Stockton's Moat Table, which takes up most of the gallery's footprint and transforms a historical barrier into a communal gathering space.

Community Association is the inaugural project of Generis. It is presented with Spaceworks Tacoma, which aims to nurture successful projects that activate empty storefronts and vacant space in Tacoma, Washington, by organizing creative reuse of spaces and incubating small creative businesses that transform Tacoma into a stronger, more active city. It is part of Exchange Rates: The Bushwick Expo. Its twin exhibition, Generis 01T, will take place in Tacoma, WA during the winter of 2014/15.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2014. 12-145 PM.
With Center for Urban Pedagogy and the Artist Studio Affordability Project.

Zoning 101 For Artists will introduce basic urban planning concepts as they affect spaces of art production and exhibition, with an emphasis on building solidarity between artists, small businesses, manufacturers, and long-term neighborhood residents in our complicated and rapidly-gentrifying city. Con traducción al español.

The workshop will begin with CUP's "What is Zoning?" participatory toolkit, which can be used with a group of up to 15 participants. If we have more than 15 attendees, we'll prioritize those with no experience or knowledge in zoning to work through the board-based activity together, while those with previous background in zoning will be asked to observe.

Following the board-based activity, the Q&A / conversation about how zoning affects artists and the communities where they live and work is for a general audience of every experience level.



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<b>Spaceworks Tacoma & Generis 01b: COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION</b>
<b>Spaceworks Tacoma & Generis 01b: COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION</b>
<b>Spaceworks Tacoma & Generis 01b: COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION</b>
<b>Spaceworks Tacoma & Generis 01b: COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION</b>
<b>Spaceworks Tacoma & Generis 01b: COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION</b>
<b>Spaceworks Tacoma & Generis 01b: COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION</b>
<b>Spaceworks Tacoma & Generis 01b: COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION</b>