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About / Contact

GENERIS is a series of art, architecture and design programs addressing issues of public consequence. Programs are organized around administrative and political boundaries: Community Association, Zip Code, Precinct, Tract, and Parish.

(permanently under construction)

Show established, emerging, and non- practitioners side by side.

Trust in the intelligence of our audiences.

Introduce participants who’d like each other’s work.

Maintain an equitable and inclusionary practice.

Include participants who live and work where our programs occur.

Support local communities by including participants, hiring labor, and purchasing materials in the neighborhoods where events take place, and by operating in accordance with each neighborhood’s context and schedule.

Encourage participants to be involved with curating/programming as much as they are willing and able, while taking responsibility for as much as we need to do.

Maintain transparency in our processes, decisions, and budgets – no question off limits.

Offer something to enthusiasts and collectors of all economic circumstances.

We can’t promise to include, let alone respond, to everyone. But we’re always happy to receive unsolicited submissions, inquiries, and proposals.